Today, I went to my favorite, favorite, favorite bead store in Manhattan. I don’t go there often enough (for me) because I am often cash-strapped, on a bead-diet, or just plain lazy. Still, I know them, and they know me. We’ve been working together for somewhere around 15 years.

So, anyway, after I found that they do in fact carry the sterling findings I was looking for (okay, the store did a mega-downsizing a few months back, moved to another, much tinier location, and laid off the guy who taught me to recognize most of the stones I work with (and was honest when he didn’t know, so, I have been a bit sluggish about finding out what they still do carry, since most stuff is behind or inside counters now),  and placed my order there, I went to the bead-wall like a fly to honey.

I saw some beads on the “tiny bead” row, separated from their peers, that looked an awful like dumortierite, but dumortierite wasn’t listed in the prices. The “new-ish” fellow (he came on after they down-sized, and I think he might just be there because he is somebody’s nephew, cousin, or son, or else because he can flame all over the beads, and knows how to work the cash register) insisted they were sodalite. I put them up against the sodalite, and the color was different. Never  mind they *felt* like dumortierite (I think I might know, sort of, since I have been working almost constantly with dumortierite for the past three months).

So, then, he said, “so go and ask Rose. She knows everything. She’ll tell you.  (Of course! I always ask Rose right before I buy something I haven’t used before, and she always knows, and I know she tells me the truth, because I’ve called her on a couple of things, and she has willingly back-tracked, once she understood where I was coming from).  So, I did tromp off to Rose, who had apparently heard the whole exchange, and she just said, “Yeah, that’s dumortierite.”

I’m just being proud of myself right now because I figured out that dumortierite goes nicely with kyanite, and I have a couple of very nice kyanite pendants that need more than a silver chain.



lan anh Prong ring with cabochon

If you like wire work, and you like enjoy finding new well-made, easy-enough-to- follow tutorials to learn different things, you may well enjoy the free YouTube videos of Lan Anh.  I came across her simple elegant work a while back, and I stay informed of her latest creations by being subscribed to her YouTube channel.

Lan Anh assortment

The pictures I’ve added here show but of a few of her wonderful ideas. She really has something for just about everyone.



I finished it! Jenna spied the tigers-eye necklace I was wearing, pointed, and said, “I like that one!”  Well, that was mine, but I promised to make her one. Went on Amazon that evening, and ordered 10 mm and 6 mm strands and armed myself with brass jumprings and a nice brass clasp. I had strung it all together, when I realized it needed something, so I got some black obsidian beads from my stash, and voila!  When I took it to her, she was wearing brown, which actually showed the beads nicely when she put on the necklace. Yea!

jenna neck red tigerseye obsidian gold


Yes, I’ve been working hard. A lovely woman I know asked me to show her photos of whatever I had hanging around for sale. Oops!  I told her I’d make something specifically for her, and, the next day, I showed her the dumortierite, which immediately engaged her.

Three or four days later, here we are. Too bad the photos don’t show the color.  OH! somebody just showed me if you click on the picture, you can enlarge it and then you can see the color better. I did it on my phone and did that reverse-squeeze thing to enlarge it!

dumo pearl againdumortiertierite/pearl/pyrite

dumo pyr againdumortierite/pyrite



I’m always looking for a wire supplier, and I’ve seen people recommending their favorites quite often on-line, so I figured it was time to revisit my  online suppliers list page. 

Everybody is still in place, but Metalliferous‘s page is a bit weird to navigate. It took me a while to figure out that the site was always going to look like a blank page, but I could scroll down and find what they were offering. (They’re probably still having growing pains from going all on-line earlier this year). 


Ha!  I’ve just discovered where most of my favorite wire tutorial authors are hiding!  I’ve been too busy to look there, but, today, I put in a serious hour of browsing at, and there they were!

I’m not signed up to be an affiliate, or whatever they are calling it, but I just wanted to share the good news. There are all sorts of printable jewelry tutorials there, at all sorts of prices, including FREE!  They also have video tutorials.

Have fun!


Since the move, I’ve been making pieces here and there, and, finally, I took some photos.
IMG_20180518_104836            IMG_20180518_104824
On the left is a black labradorite that I wired into a pendant when I felt that my new chunky magnesite and pyrite necklace (R) needed something more.

neck sterling beads remake         IMG_20180518_105123
Sterling necklace          Sterling necklace/
amethyst clasp

neck coral rondelles            neck coral rondelles and silver
Coral “slices” & silver      Coral rondelles & silver

neck turquoise pyr bl tourm                 neck lapis tubes and silver
turquoise/pyrite/                     lapis tubes & silver
black tourmaline
neck mag sm quartz silver                              neck mag sm quartz pyr silver
Mangesite/smokey quartz/             Magnesite/pyrite/smokey quartz necklace              sterling/necklace