Pretty Smart Ideas

Amazing Mystery BeadsSquare Mystery Beads

I found these interesting beads at the bead store. The clerk said they are “azonite” one day, and the next day he said they are “hazonite”. Come of them look quite like quantum quattro silica, but they can’t be that! Whatever… they are pretty interesting.

So, I have been looking at all sorts of things on the web to figure out what I want to do with them. A ring, probably, with the little squares… but which one? They are all so interesting.

I haven’t done any beading all this past week. I put some things on ebay, but they are not exactly flying out of the store yet. I guess I will need to study ebay some more.

I think it would be nice to make something singular with the big chrysocolla rondelles I have, and I do want to remake the blue fluorite ring that broke. I liked that ring.

Malachite Galaxy RingThis Malachite Galaxy Ring is the latest thing I’ve made. I like the shape of it . The stone is a little odd… the malachite stripes are on the sides, like a ring around the edge of the stone. I made it of brass, but it looks like gold…. hmn……


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