More of the Same

I finally heard from my teacher… I was about to write her a “hurting” email to the tune of “somebody doesn’t read my emails”

she wrote me… I am happy…..

she likes my pieces… no one else I know will say such things… where can I get some new friends who know how to give compliments. I really miss that aspect of Southern culture — people *will* say when you have something pretty, even if they hate you deep down inside. Here, it’s like they fear they might die or their own stuff might not be good enough if they give you a compliment. Oh well. I have chosen to live in this place. It must be hell to live in Germany… I hear they don’t give compliments… they figure if you are not talking, it is good… and they only expect to hear from you if it’s negative…. whoa! another place not to visit.

chrysocolla-bali-nest-ring.jpg today we have a chrysocolla and silver ring with tiny bali beads.


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