I went back to the bead store to get some more of those cool beads, but I could find them nowhere. Granted, I did not have time to search every nook and cranny, search high and low, look over there, and under there, to discover if they might have moved my pretties to some other location (Okay, and being able to see more than 5 feet would have been a boon, as well). I got stuck in the post office for 45 minutes (long line, and apparently they were having a work slow down, coupled with people who did not speak English listening to instructions and saying okay, okay, and then asking to have the entire instructions repeated again — the best one I heard was, “do I have to write the address on the package?”). So, anyway, I finally got to the bead store with 15 minutes to get my beads and get back to the subway and back to Queens, to meet my friend who is going to take me out on her boat tonight -yippee! So…. I will take one of the beads with me on Monday (when I will have little time, either) and ask them if they remember the beads while they are looking at one. Surely they can’t have sold all of them…… can they? I want to make a belt, a bracelet, a necklace, a tiara, and, if I have time, a cat collar. Oh, and a ring….. so I really NEED those beads.

Meanwhile, I am tres happy that I have finally figured out that using the flash on my camera will make the pictures stop being blurry…. at least, at this time, it seems that way.

Should I wear my new cheap shoes to go on the boat, so I can look at them? No, I think not. I should save them for work tomorrow, and wear them with my new expensive Calvin Klein socks. Oh, maybe I want to make an ankle bracelet with the pretty beads, too.


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