This week, I am on vacation with my parents, in Kill Devil Hills, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I’m looking forward to good weather — I even have my pink glamor bathing suit along, in case there are some good days for the beach.

So…. every year when I come here, I help my mom do something for her church’s holiday bazaar.  This year, her idea is to take all the sea glass she has collected over the years on various beaches around the world (Dad was in the Navy), and make wire-wrap baubles — guess who is in charge of making wire-wrap baubles!!!!

Today, I have been looking at sea glass — my mother’s collection comes in “frosted clear”, “frosted pale green”, “frosted bright green”, and “frosted brown”.  There are also some small sea shells, mostly snail types or an oval one with a hole in the middle.  I’ve been separating the glass into colors, and then into small or large.  I’ve also made 5 piecesa copper wrapped brown triangle piece, a brass-wrapped frosted clear one, a wrapped oval shell, and two snail shells wrapped with brass and some little gold-filled beads.

I have the camera, but not the plug-in, so I will have to wait until I get back to post the pictures.


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