green-seaglass-bracelet-front.jpg green-seaglass-bracelet-left.jpggreen-seaglass-bracelet-right.jpg

I am back home! (loud sigh of relief!!!!) Don’t get me wrong– I love my October vacation with my parents — my mom always has a project for me and it is usually fun. This year’s project was definitely up my alley, and it also gave me a chance to see into the way I work (i.e., I learned that, when I am making jewelry, I do not like pressure, and I want to make what I want to make….. so…. I should not get a job in a jewelry factory, and I should be careful of the commission work I take in…. wow! what a valuable lesson!!!!)

Mom’s church group is having a bazaar next Saturday to raise money for mission work. This year, Mom dragged out the beach glass (or sea glass) and shells that she had collected when they were stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 35 years ago. Wow! Antique sea glass, Caribbean sea glass (some of it even had “Cuba” stamped into the glass) Stuff with a history, and it was pretty, too!!!

So, my job was to make jewelry out of the beach glass (the Navy wives called it “beach glass” when they collected it, and I’ve seen that name around, although the “fake” stuff I’ve seen — probably new glass cut and tumbled, by the looks of it– is usually labeled “sea glass” )

Anyway… between watching the sun rise over the ocean (I was in the Outer Banks of North Carolina — 25 miles out to sea, or so they say!– in a place called Kill Devil Hills, which is just down the road from the Wright Brothers’ Memorial where you can see where they flew the first airplane, and I was right ON the beach — okay, behind one sand dune) and shopping (oh yeah! shopping!!!!) I sat around and wrapped wire around sea glass and shells. (Okay, I did go down to the beach a couple of times and put my feet in the water, and stare out at Spain– I think it would be Spain)

Last night, at around midnight, I lined up almost everything I had done and took some pictures. (the only problem is that, by that time, my eyesight was really fuzzy, and so my pictures are kind of fuzzy, too). Still, I do have pictures of what I did and here they are:

bazaar-view-2-limpets-snails.jpg bazaar-view-3-seaglass-pendants.jpgbazaar-view-4-sea-glass-pendants.jpgbazaar-view-one-limpets-sea-glass.jpg

Everything was wrapped in either sterling or brass. Some had beads… either sterling, gold-filled, vermeil, or glass.

So…. I had to sit down with myself on the beach and think about if I ever want to do wire wrapping again…. I mean… I thought I might be burned out. But NO…. I want to get back to my beads…. not this week, maybe not next week… it is time for a vacation, I think, but soon….



  1. Niece Katelyn

    Wow. Those are really impressive. That bracelet is AMAZING. .


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