My mom sent me a bunch of beach glass and asked me to make pendants for some of her friends, for Christmas.

Here is what I have done this week.



green-and-silver-beads-beach-glass-pendant-2.jpg green-and-woven-bail-beach-glass-pendant-2.jpggreen-beach-glass-pendant.jpggreen-woven-beaded-beach-glass-pendant.jpgwhite-and-brass-beach-glass-pendant-2.jpg


7 responses to “BEACH GLASS PENDANTS

  1. Hi

    These are stunning!

  2. These are gorgeous. Did they come like that or did you file them or something to get those nice shapes?

  3. Joy, thank you for the nice comment. The glass came from the Caribbean Sea just as you see it. My mom collected the glass more than 30 years ago and just gave them to me last year. All I did was wrap wire around it.

  4. Wow, I do the same work but with Beads…these are truely stunning!! I Love your work 🙂

  5. sorry, no English. I don’t understand what you want.

  6. very unique pieces. I personally like sea glass too. I have collected for a couple of years. I am wondering did you take any classes to learn to make those beautiful jewellerys?

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