I had a case of bad ju-ju recently…… I bought a tutorial from, but I could not access it because it used a higher level of Adobe Reader than the one I have, and I cannot download the latest one because I have an older version of Windows (and DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE)  I wrote to about the problem but they have not seen fit to address my issue (or even write back to apologize for the fact that I am such a Luddite), so, I guess I am out the cash, and won’t be going back to or recommending it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I took what I had read from the tutorial description, and some photos I had seen on Etsy, and started to fiddle around (foolishly, with silver), to see if I could come up with a way to make a “ladder-ish” bezel for a cabuchon or an undrilled stone.    Right now, I have two “starts”.  I  started with two wires that I tried to hold together with my ring clamp (but they would not stay straight, so I put another ring clamp on the other end — surely there is an easier way)  I wove the silver back and forth between the wires, and then pulled out the whole arrangement and bent it around the stones. Not too shabby, but I will want to go back in and embellish, both because that is my way and also because I want those stones to be totally secure and not even have a dream of falling out.

I’m going to break down and try to make a photo of the pendant beginnings, so that I can later show what I have done to them.  Yeah, right.  When, Margaret?  maybe tomorrow?  which tomorrow?


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