EARRINGS! I can do simple studs!!!

I’ve been working (yes, okay, I should be cleaning up before I leave on vacation). Here are my second and third pair of studs (sorry! I am not any better yet at taking photographs)




8mm aqua aura and sterling stud earrings



6mm bead sterling stud earring



My roommate scooped up my first pair, which I made with 6mm cape amethyst beads (I think I’ll make another pair of those – they were quite pretty)

I’ve experimented with brass, but it is not hard enough to go into the earring backs, in my limited experience. I might try copper, but I expect it would be the same. No problem, I really like the silver. Right now I am working on a new idea — bigger stud earrings… with more wire wrapping — my first try looks like a Native American got loose in the bead box — while that is not a bad thing, I would like to get something “less traditional”.

I will be on vacation in North Carolina’s Outer Banks (yea!!!) for the next week and a half, so maybe the sun, sand, and surf will help me come up with some new ideas (so far, the bulkiest item in my packing is my package of silver/brass/tools — will my cutters make it through security? We shall see — I’ll go to the airport early)


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