Okay, I may be late on the train with this one… I have read in some of Eni Oken’s tutorials that I should use leftover bits of wire to make coils…. but I never thought of just going ahead and making coils of all leftover bits of wire (what else would I do with them?).  I have been saving leftover wire in a bag, wondering how full the bag had to be, or how heavy, before I could take it to the place in town where they buy scrap silver.  I don’t have a whole lot (maybe a quart-size ziploc bag full of wire and air.

Here I am on vacation, and I brought most of my tools (could not carry the cutter on board the plane, but ta da! the rosary pliers have a so-so cutter *in them*.  I made do with that until I could buy a cheap cutter at the Walmart here)

Anyway, I have been working on this bracelet I have been working on off and on for almost forever, and the 28 ga. wire keeps getting too work-hardened to deal with, or runs up to a place where there is not enough to finish the next step, and I know adding in a new wire will not do, so I have been ending up with 5 in. pieces among the 1 and 2 in pieces of wire I’m cutting off.

This morning, while I was waiting for the sun to come up, and I started getting bored with the “zen of coiling”, so I put down the bracelet piece and just stared at the table.  Too much wire.  I had a piece of 18 ga. brass wire I had cut and then decided not to use, so I started coiling every leftover scrap of wire I had on the table around that wire. Then, I found my safety pin and started coiling around that.  I coiled and coiled, and then the sun started coming up (could my coiling have played a part?)  Such a beautiful sunrise!!!  And now I have about 15 coils of varying lengths — one is about 2 in. long, and most are 1/2 to 1 inch long. Most of the coils were made with 28 ga wire, but one was made with 26 ga. and one with 22 ga.

I am happy. If I have coils, I can go ahead and think of using them more easily because I can see them. (When I get home, I am going to get down to coiling up every single scrap I have — I might even have a bracelet or necklace worth of coils.  For sure, there will be earrings-worth.

I will post pictures after I get home this weekend


One response to “NEW CURE FOR LEFTOVER BITS OF WIRE: I’m making coils!

  1. I’m already getting ideas with the coils!!! When I was packing up to leave for home, the coils had lined themselves up together in an interesting way. I am starting to think that I could do a mostly coil wire bracelet with several different wires weaving around… hmn. Must try that one soon.
    I’ll be home tomorrow. Yea!!!

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