How I fixed my green opal/brass ring: now it is beautiful

I made a brass and green Oregon opal ring early on, but, again, it did not work in the way I would have liked. It was a sharply rectangular bead, and it just would not lie down and behave.

This vacation, I had it along, so I went after it, after the success with the silver chrysocolla ring. It came out way different, but still very interesting, and, to my way of thinking, definitely worthwhile — I will wear it when I am wearing gold or when what I am wearing wants gold.

Here is what it looked like after I made it:


Here is the reworked ring:

I took a 22 gauge wire around the edge of the ring to draw the spirals in over the bead, and then I continued around and did a weave reminiscent of the one on the rainbow ring (sort of… I was trying to figure out how to do that thing while fixing my ring at the same time). My mom, who was with me, seemed surprised that you don’t see much of the stone (it is available to the body from the underside). I was kind of going on an idea I saw on a site Eni used to list on her site, where the stones were just barely peeking out of the massive silver weaving (I can’t remember where that site was, and I can’t find the listing on Eni’s site anymore — it may just be buried deep?????

Anyway, I am happy with this ring. I would do the same thing again, and, now, I can use this ring.


2 responses to “How I fixed my green opal/brass ring: now it is beautiful

  1. Hey,
    Generally how do you decide whether to go with silver or gold/brass with certain beads? I think this bead would look great with silver too (the silver on your Chrysocolla ring looks brilliant).

  2. How do I decide what color of wire to use? That is a good question.

    Generally, I look at the stone and just “see” what color of wire I want to use with it.

    I prefer to work with sterling, but some things seem to want to be wired with a gold color.

    When I have worked with emeralds, I have always used gold wire – it has just always seemed right, that way. On the other hand, sapphires have usually seemed right with sterling. I’ve done pink opals with sterling and with gold.

    Given the choice, I will normally go with silver, if truth be told. Most of my clients like silver, and I like the energy of it. Brass and gold give a different energy, which is sometimes called for, or useful.

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