Turquoise Pendant Update: Where I’m at now, and what I’m thinking of doing next




This is where the pendant has gotten to. I think it could be a go right now, but I need to fiddle with it!!!! The edge “ribs” are movable, and that means that the wearer could wreck it by playing with it or somehow getting something hooked into a rib.

I’ve woven the bail – just a simple basket weave.

You can see that I have bunched up the ribs in groups. Now what I think I want to do is weave in the wider spaces — that, I believe, will stabilize the ribs to a certain extent.

I’ve bent the front “gathering wire” into subtle scallops. Now, I am thinking that, if I take a wire around (as I did with the chrysocolla ring), and wire it to the high points of the scallops, it will make the piece infinitely more stable, and the turquoise will be less likely to fall out. Depending on how that looks, I may do a weave between the new wire and the scalloped wire (as I did with the opal ring). This thing still has another month to grow — it is to be under the Christmas tree, and I cannot decide how to “hang” it (a necklace? a thick chain?) until I have finished the pendant.


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