I’ve just had a very nice experience with a vendor, specificially, FIRE MOUNTAIN GEMS.
I had ordered from them a long time ago, and I suddenly remembered them, and went on-line and saw that I could only get their super-duper best-ever most-wonderful really big catalog if I had ordered $100 worth of product from them. Christmas is just around the corner and I have not done anything, and I have only been shopping for stones and silver once in the past two months, so I figured I was due a shopping spree.

THE REALLY COOL THING about this order is that, when I first went to look at my shopping cart, it was up to $145 and the screen said that, if I added 5 more things, I would qualify for a new price break. I decided to see what would happen. Amazingly, after I got my number of items ordered up to 15, THE PRICE DROPPED, so that I ended up paying less for 15 things, including postage, than I would have, if I had only bought the things I really really wanted. Cool.

When I went to check out, I ran into a problem, because, when I had ordered before, I was using a different email address. No way to order – the system simply would not talk to me. I found a phone number for customer service, and, fortunately, it was open until 9 pm PST (yea! It was after 9 here, but I still had time!) I called and talked to a very pleasant customer service rep who handled my order quickly and easily (I just read off the “shopping cart” screen)

Now I just have to wait for the package to arrive!

Next step… because my customer service rep could not do it, I went back online and did a chat with HELP. HELP showed up within a minute of the time I signed on, and she told me what to do… I felt nervous about going away to do what she said, knowing she would not be there to help me if something went wrong. NOTHING WENT WRONG. Yea!!! I now have my account fixed (so my only problem will be to keep from buying more and more from them)

Most of what I bought were clasps. FMG had some clasps that are like nothing that is available locally (and I am talking NEW YORK CITY). The prices were very competitive with what I could find locally – if I could find it. Even with the shipping, I still feel like I made out like a bandit!!!!.

Don’t get me wrong!!! I am always happy when I come home from Metalliferous or Stone International (they have no working website), but….. I found new stuff at FMG, stuff that I haven’t seen in my local wholesale suppliers, and the prices were imminently competitive.

I ended up ordering about 10 clasps, some tourmaline beads. and some clear crystal and rose-colored crystal donuts.

I am so looking forward to receiving this package. It will remind me of the lovely experience I had ordering it, and, it just might jog me out of my lethargy so that i can get some things made before Christmas.



  1. Be sure to post pictures of what you make!!

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