I’ve been experimenting with some of my own ideas, and I have been looking at tutorials. My major requirement is that whatever I make to sell must be something that I, myself, cannot break easily – and I can break just about anything.

Right now, I have two things that I have not been able to break: one is the second ring I ever made, so I will make some more like this – I’m just working on ways to make it more me. At the same time, I am looking at tutorials that might help me fix some design problems with a ring I made a while back.

The other is the two silver bead bracelets that I have been wearing for the past six weeks.




sillver-mem-bracelets_02-three-strand-handsillver-mem-bracelets_05-three-strandsillver-mem-bracelets-three-strand-standThese silver bead bracelets on a memory wire core are my current Wonder Woman bracelets.

Since I am wearing these two bracelets 24-7, I feel pretty confident about them. I see making them in both high-end , and ‘economical’ versions, -depending on the beads used (all silver, or “special purpose”; or brass or base metal). I plan to make a few of these bracelets with gemstones in the near future.


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