This week, I have been reading the Rio Grande TOOLS & EQUIPMENT catalog. I’ve also been looking at the Euro Tool catalog. Who would believe that there could be so many tools to want in there. I’ve been happy with my small collection of tools:
round nose pliers
chain nose pliers
side cutter
flush cutter
crimp pliers
Magic tool
safety pin (yes)

Now, I see that there are many many more tools to want and need – tools it never occurred to me to want, but that I can easily see that I need. Would that I had a big studio instead of boxes on a shelf!

I have also been reading The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, and The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons. Both of these books are very interesting for their color pictures of stones as well as their details on metaphysical properties of the stones they list.

Today, I received the Heaven & Earth LLC Minerals, Jewelry & Gems fall catalog. I always keep this catalog around as it contains excerpts from Robert Simmons’ book, as well as pictures of a number of different stones which often help me identify visualize stones whose identity I am unsure of.

Then, too, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Fire Mountain Gems catalog – the one I had to order $100 worth of product to get!! I’ve always enjoyed the FMG catalog for its stone pictures (very educational), its comments on stone properties, and its design ideas.  I cannot wait to see my $100 catalog!!!


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