LEARNING MEMORY WIRE: ways it doesn’t work

I sure do wish there were some really good description of memory wire somewhere — I have been looking for one.

What I have come up with is that there are at least two, and maybe three, kinds of memory wire. I deduce this because some memory wire packages are labeled “stainless steel”, some are labeled “iron”, and some are not labeled as to what the metal is (granted, my research has only been at my favorite wire store, Metalliferous, and a couple of wire places on-line). Surprisingly, the employees at Metalliferous could not tell me anything about memory wire.

I think it is important to know what the metal is.

I bought a package of stainless steel ring memory wire. It was kind of big, but i figured that, once I had put my beads on it, it would fit tighter. NO GO. The ring stayed big.

Well, I have it beaded up, but I want to put tourmaline beads on the ends. Unfortunately, all of the glues that I have don’t work, or have gelled up too much to use. Now I have to find some new kind of glue. That will have to be another day.

Now I want to get a smaller size ring memory wire and see what will happen.


2 responses to “LEARNING MEMORY WIRE: ways it doesn’t work

  1. I’m not sure what types of metal memory wire comes in. I do know that all the ones I have worked with get looser fitting when you add heavy beads or a lot of beads.

  2. I got this message back from ParaWirecom…..
    Hello Margaret,
    memory wire is a little confusing.
    we mfg. many types:
    1) “regular”, which is a high carbon steel uncoated that is made to be plated.
    2) rust proof which is a silver colored metal plated over item # 1.
    3) stainless steel
    4) 99.99% pure silver plated over # 1
    5) gold color, which is brass plated over # 1.
    for some reason the stainless steel ring wire is not listed but we do carry it, so please call if you would like to order this item.

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