MADE IT — Basketweave Bezel on Chiastolite

I have wanted to make the basketweave bezel taught by Eni Oken for a while, and I finally decided what bead to use. Surprisingly, I found that my bead was not much bigger than the cabuchon Eni had used in her tutorial — that’s unusual because I usually choose stones which turn out to be much much larger than the ones that Eni designs her tutorials around (this is also the first time I have ever actually measured my stone before I jumped in).

basket-bezel-chiastolite-front-end1basket-bezel-chiastolite_01endbbasket-bezel-chiastolite-front-glare-bbasket-bezel-chiastolite-back2 Here it is – front angle, front end, front, and back.


I went ahead and worked directly with sterling, as always (although I did dither a bit at Metalliferous as to whether or not I should buy Artistic Wire to practice)  I am glad that I went ahead with the sterling, because that made me keep on working even when I began to get frustrated, and, of course, now I have a piece I can wear.  I used a chiastolite (andalusite, cross stone) coin-shaped bead, and wired it in so that it would not turn.

As usual, my piece turned out nothing like the piece in the tutorial I was following.  First, I read the tutorial through and, at the end, I saw a bezel I liked better than the one detailed in the tutorial. I stared at the picture for a while and then decided how it had been done.  Then, nothing came out straight.  Then, when I made the bezel, I realized that I was going to have a lot of extra wire, so I decided to make the bezel differently.  Oh, the changes just kept happening.  (Someone once asked me how I do my paintings, and I told them that they “grew”. Yes, that is the right description for my work.)

eni-basketweaveThis is what the tutorial picture looks like, just so you can see how much my piece “grew”.


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