Hooray!!! I received my 2008-2009 ,size=”large”>FireMountain Gems Jewelry Makers’ Comprehensive Catalog today. Wow!! It has 1,274 pages! I am happy.

As with all of their Jewelry Makers’ catalogs, FMG has included actual size photos of all the stones they handle. The good part about that is that you can find out what some stones that you may have or have seen are – I have some stones that I have been told by one vendor was gold-stripe amazonite and, by another, “black dot chalcedony”. Along comes FMG to tell me this is amazonite with gold-speckled pyrite and black tourmaline inclusions(i.e., black–or gold– stripe amazonite) – well, I knew that, but it is nice to have these folks. They check their sources, test their stones, and tell you straight out if something if genuine, fake, natural, or treated, and will reliably classify their stones by grade, if applicable. This company gets a lot of their stones from China, so it is awfully good that they do check out the things they are selling(Most of the Chinese vendors we have here in town, as well as the ones I have dealt with on ebay, are very lax about what the truth may actually be, as if it should be the least of my worries). Ask me if I like FMG.

Another thing I like about the FMG catalog is that they indicate the sources of the stones they sell, as well as general descriptions of the stones’ properties and appearance. This educational aspect of the catalog is very welcome. It is also good if I decide I am boycotting some place for whatever reason (it could happen).

You have to keep going through this catalog to see all the things FMG carries and all the tips and other informative guides which are scattered throughout.

Although I do miss the information on metaphysical properties of the various stones (heck, I have enough books and on-line sources, anyway), this catalog is still an amazing resource.

On the FMG website, they state that you must have bought $100 or more worth of product from them to qualify to receive this catalog, if you call, they might have a selling price for it. You can it just is not the same. get the Jewelry Maker’s Catalog of Best Sellers, but  I bit the bullet and ordered all the things I needed. At 15 items, a price break kicked in and I actually ended up paying, even with shipping, quite a bit less than I would have paid if I had only bought the items that I really wanted. I am not complaining.


3 responses to “I GOT MY FMG CATALOG!

  1. I found the metaphysical information on the FMG website….

    I poked around there and I haven’t found one that *doesn’t* have metaphysical information, although some seem to have more than others.

  2. Wow, for a second I thought you were describing another company 🙂 …I mean a particular production of ours, the popular “Gemstone Beads Index“. It’s free online, and contains all the info you mention above plus the metaphysical properties of each stone, and more.

    Also packed with information, and free online, is our catalog of beads and findings at wholesale prices. Check it out, or the same info in our online store, any time!


    at Rings & Things

  3. Barbara from FMG commented that the metaphysical properties of the stones are listed on the FMG website — well, yeah, but…. I can’t take that to the bathroom with me, and it is harder to browse through when I am watching TV or drinking my morning coffee in the kitchen while I footpet the two kitties. I miss the little annotations that used to be in the catalog.
    okay, that is me… but I really do use my hard-copy catalog (I mean, I actually spent $100 for stuff I could have lived without for a while, just so I could get the catalog — yes, Christmas will suffer because of my catalog).
    Progress is progress, I suppose, but I liked those little blurbs are the change I notice in the catalog, and they are what I miss.

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