I picked up my order from FireMountain Gems yesterday.  I had been very disappointed that it had not come in on Friday as predicted by the customer service rep at FMG.  It probably arrived on Saturday, when I could not go by to see if I had anything.  I’d say the regular ground delivery was reasonable – 5-6 business days.

I received the 11 different box clasps I had ordered, the two strands of beads (mixed and black tourmalines), and two packets of donuts — one clear crystal and one packet of amethyst donuts.  I’m very happy with the clasps. I think they will work with the bracelets I make. (I even got one style that I had not been able to find anywhere for several years).  The donuts are a different thing. I guess I was not paying attention to size when I ordered them. They are kind of small.  Well, that is good because I will have to think of something to do with them.  I have 5 of each.  The amethysts are kind of strange for me – it had never occurred to me that I would receive amethyst donuts that look like raspberry swirl ice cream.  I did not even know that there was amethyst that had a lot of opaque white in it– the catalog sure did not indicate that possibility.  Oh well. There is probably someone who wants an amethyst ice cream necklace.

I sure do wish that FMG had an affiliate program – with all this publicity I am giving them.


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