I have just finally done something about my poor beautiful galaxy ring that had begun to break down to where I did not want to wear it anymore.

malachite-galaxy-ringThis is the original ring. It is constructed of brass with a strangely cut malachite bead — the rings are on the sides.  I tried to do netting to hold the bead, but it did not turn out for me. As a result, the stone kept flipping up on one side.





This is how I have reworked the ring.  I wrapped a 22 ga.  wire around one of the bead wires , and then  coiled  24 ga. wire around the outside ring.  When I went onto the new wire, I started to coil 28 ga. wire, and I began to add the gold-plated glass charlottes that I have had around forever.  I kept coiling and tying off with charlottes until it was time to stop, and then I coiled a little further on the wire and made a large spiral.  I wired the spiral to the frame, as I have consistently had problems with my spirals getting bent out from the ring.

This all was really hard to do because of the ring design – the outer rings made it very difficult to go under the ring support wires.  Brass is so soft that it bends if you even think about it, much less look at it, or even try to work with it.  It is a good substitute for gold, though, and it is cheap enough to lend itself naturally to experimentation.


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