BLOG DROOL: today’s favorite artist

I do have this secret hidden thing for chain maille. The only problem is I am a little lazy – I want results and I am still working on my patience bone (ha! she says, as she sheepishly looks at all her coiled work– at least, when I am coiling, I can talk to it, and scream at it — so much for Eni Oken’s suggestion that it is zen-like–I’m apparently not that spiritually advanced yet, or else I have taken Zen to a new level– OM.) I have made my first and only chain maille design twice, once for me, and once for my mom, and when my niece asked me for one, I gave her mine (oh!! how I miss it!!) rather than make another one (okay, I admit that I am still holding one more of those clasps for the day when I do decide to sit down and make one for me again).

I do love to visit other people’s chain maille sites and see what they are doing. Today, I visited where I saw some very drool-ful chain maille work, so I went to that site and drooled for almost an hour, and then came back here to tell you about it.

I went to MailleMystique’s Etsy shop.

Here are the things I saw and drooled over.

etsymaillemystique-classic-braceletThis is a nice simple bracelet. Who knew that such a simple design could be called chainmaille.

etsymaillemystique-diamond-ice-braceletI think I might like to try to make one of these when I am feeling patient. I wonder if I could make it double in width. It looks strong enough.

etsymaillemystique-helm-parallel-weave-braceletThis one has really got my juices flowing. Drool. Drool. Drool some more. I start thinking of all sorts of ways I could twist this to do what I want it to do. It is also one that makes me just want to go back and visit maillemystique some more.etsymaillemystique-interesting-weave

Here is the picture that originally got me to go to maillemystique’s site in the first place. I saw it on
and it started me drooling so that I had to go to MailleMystique. Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately), I did not see it when I got there (or else I might have bought it, and then not had enough money to buy Christmas presents). I think this looks like something I want to make. etsymaillemystique-olivie-weave-bracelet

Here is another pretty bracelety weave that caught my eye.

etsymaillemystique-oriental-chain-mail-bracelet1this is an oriental chain maille weave, which I find interesting — at first, when I heard of these, I thought the guy was just showing off that he had a Japanese wife – he kept saying it was a Japanese maille that his Japanese wife made (my ‘Japanese room-mate keeps using vegetables we have and telling me they are” Japanese potatoes”, or whatever, or making normal spaghetti and telling me it is Japanese noodles, so I am immediately suspicious.

etsymaillemystique-original-weave-bracelet1I would probably never make or wear anything like this, but I do like it. I particularly like the stiff look of it.


Oh, drool city!!! I just love this ring!!!. If it had been available in the right size immediately on the website, I would never be here posting my favorite things I have seen today. I would be waiting for it to come to my mailbox. Such a cutie.


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