No, this time I am not talking about that thing over on my work table that is so taking its own way (after evilly and beautifully pretending to work out according to plan) — even though I have taken pictures of the piece where I realized that, once again, I was going to have to get creative, or else lose a heck of a lot of silver, so I can make a glorious victory post when I finally get it done (which I optimistically hope will happen this weekend).

No, instead of heading directly to the table when I came home, I headed to the computer, and jewelrylessons, to see who was tickling my fancy, and I clicked on and went to that blog and got a new idea.

Suddenly I realize that one good way to remind myself of cool places to visit and cool things to do is to post the pictures that gotten me drooling when I visit other people’s sites. That way, other people can drool along with me, if they so choose, and I can honor the sites that have work that I really like.  I am happy to publicize other people’s work that I admire.

So, hereforth, prepare to find my BLOG DROOL postings from time to time.


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