malachite-nugget1I got this very nice malachite nugget/pebble last Friday from the guy who has the table at the corner of Union Square (I just could not resist stopping there, even after I had resisted buying anything in the Holiday Bazaar was on my way to resist buying shoes at DSW.

After I felt it, and realized it wanted to come home with me, I knew that I wanted to do it up as a basketweave pendant, and I began to dream of doing the basketweave pendant just like the pictures.

ha! ha! ha!


Actually, when I began the piece, everything looked good.malachite-silver-pendant-in-progress-back1

All of the rows were lining up. I had decided to make the basketweave without the beads, since that seemed to be where I messed up when I made the Body Guard (which, BTW, is my current wear-everywhere piece)

So I was doing really well, and I was very very happy and proud. Then, I put the stone in the cradle, and and I realized that my underlying wire was not going to be long enough to finish the piece (I had, once again, followed the instructions, but used a stone that did not conform to what the tutorial had specified — NO, I had this kind of fat stone, and I was using “cabuchon instructions”– LISTEN CLOSELY: If you deviate from the exact instructions, you MUST change the measurements)

There I was, running out of wire when the piece had started so beautifully. There was not even enough wire to start the bail, even if it were to be a one wire bail.

I decided to add another wire at the bail start place. I brought the wire up to the top and stopped and moaned and considered drinks and drugs, but, remembering that I am abstinent, I then went on to creativity. I looped a new wire around the end of the wire that was running out. I left more or less equal lengths of both wires at the top of the pendant, and began coiling the new wire and bfinished-without-bail-leftinding it to the base I had already created.


malachite-silver-pendant-endAt last, I finished the bezel to my satisfaction. Toward the end, I realized that the new wire was going to run out, so I had to do a spiral at the bottom. That did not look very stable, and I just hate spirals that pull out, so I wired it to the edge wires along with some tiny silver beads.

I still had to do the bail, though. I stared at those two wires for the longest kind of time, then I decided to make a “ladder beaded” bail like one I recalled seeing on an Eni Oken piece. Then I couldn’t find a picture of the idea I was looking for, so I had to invent it for myself. I found some little malachite beads, took a deep breath, and finished my pendant — hooray!!!malachite-pendant-finished-back


It is done, and it is very nice, if I do say so myself.

Now, I need the right “hanger”. Fortunately, the bail is so big that I have some choices. I could string some malachite beads. I could slide this over the rose quartz necklace I have – that is probably what I will do first. I would really like to find the right chain or combination of chains. Saga Part B begins……


One response to “MY LATEST BASKETWEAVE ADVENTURE – the whole saga

  1. Hi let me just say it – The piece came out beautifuly!!! , as always though 😉

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