WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING: Cool Tutorial Sites

I have been rather busy of late, so I have not had as much time to make jewelry as I would like.  To make up for the deprivation, late at night, I look at the sites of others, and the tutorials on my favorite sites.  Here is where I have been:

JEWELRY LESSONS is Eni Oken’s collaborative, interactive site for great free and reasonably priced jewelry-making tutorials. The tutorials, which range from easy to very advanced, come from a number of different wire art teachers, each with her or his own unique style.  The site also features many  informative articles, as well as an interactive question/answer facility.  This is definitely a one-stop shop for breath-taking, beautiful, must-have tutorials for virtually every taste and ability level..

WRAPTURE Diane Karg Baron’s ten nice, very reasonably-priced, easy-to-follow tutorials feature nine particularly unique, beautiful earring designs, as well as two interesting ring designs.

does some interesting wire-wrapped work. Her site features only four tutorials, but they are all reasonably priced and look fantastic. Malczkk provides the materials requirements up front, so that, when you order and receive the tutorial, you can be ready to roll.

STUDIO HEATH has some nice tutorials, some are free, others are reasonable.

Lisa Niven Kelly’s site with tutorials $$$ but nice things to make. Most of the instructions on this site are videos, with no printed instructions.  If that works for  you, go here. (I, personally, do not care for video-only tutorials,  so I am not interested in these tutorials, but, if you like video tutorials, go here)

Yes, I have visited other sites, and seen other tutorials, but these are the ones that have grabbed my attention and called me back.  Based on my visits recently,  I am going to continue to go back to JewelryLessons every week to see what new things they have.


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