I’ve finally posted my list of New York City stores which sell supplies for jewelry makers (beads, wire and sheet metal, precious and semi-precious stones/beads),  separate from the page of on-line suppliers I know and like, which has been up for a while.

The list is divided into stores I know and frequent, and stores I know of, but either do not care for (for one reason or another), or have never visited. I’ve also included websites, where available, to give a preview of what you can expect (or for those who cannot just hop a train and pop in for a visit).

Of the stores listed which I have never visited (found on the Internet, or heard of from other people), quite a few seem to be wholesale only, although many of the wholesalers will sell to individuals, and many of the retailers offer wholesale pricing, as well.  With many stores, wholesale is all about the quantity/dollar amount you purchase at one time, as opposed to your paperwork, i.e., if you want to make a large purchase, you get better pricing (this is true even of many stores which cater to hobbyists, with endless bins of onesies).

Now, with the information I’ve gotten from updating this list, I need to go back to my Online Suppliers page and update that list to include the suppliers I like who also sell on-line.

As always, I would be most happy to hear from you if you happen to know of changes to any of the stores listed (gone out of business, moved,  changed focus/attitude, etc.).


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