Wow! I’ve been going to the Etsy Labs Craft Nights on Monday nights in Brooklyn (at the home of etsy.com!) for the past month. I’ve been doing things I’ve never done!

The first night I attended was an “Open Craft Night”, where everyone could do whatever they were working on. I took some wire, but I forgot my tools — they had tools so I could make some coils — I had intended to make a ring, but it just did not happen! I think the coils will become a bracelet) Some people were knitting, some sewing, some embroidering.

Last week, I put an applique on a promotional bag I had received at a Shecky’s event, so now it looks like a designer tote, instead.

Tonight, was annual Cupcake night, so we got delicious designer cupcakes to eat, and we made cupcake-related crafts. Some people were drawing pictures, some were making gift tags, and I was with the group which was making buttons (I guess buttons look like the top of a cupcake???). I made some buttons which I would like to figure out how to use in a necklace. I also made some buttons that I thought looked smart, cool, or cute. I learned how to make buttons and I maybe want a button maker machine. (anyway, next week, I may probably want to use the button maker machine on “Open Craft Night” to make some buttons with new ideas I have)

How does this all relate to jewelry? Well, I have been in a slump, and I have not been making anything at all, and I have not even been blogging reliably on any of my blogs — I am in one of those “life is weird” zones. Anyway, I forced myself to go to that first Etsy Craft Night, and it was so energizing that I knew I wanted to go back, and now my Monday nights are booked!

Interestingly, I have started making things again… today I went to the Manhattan shop that has the best selection of base metal chains, and I bought 2 ft. lengths of 5 different chains, found clasps and jump rings in the right color (“almost black”), and then, when I got home, I felt a pressure to make something before I went to Etsy, so I put together a necklace! I may or may not stay with this necklace — I could take it apart easily and re-do it, and maybe have enough chain to make a bracelet… I don’t know… right now, it is made and it is cool, and I now know I could make something to sell on Etsy.

Long story short — my Etsy experience is getting me back to work.

Next week is another Open Craft Night, and I am going to try to push myself to finish that bracelet I was working at the first time I went there, but I might just make some more buttons…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are in New York City, and you have time on Monday evenings, you might enjoy the Etsy Craft Nights – tonight I learned that I am not the only one adventuring all the way from Queens to Brooklyn (for me, a previously unknown territory)… people come to Etsy Craft Night from all over our glorious City!

Oh, gosh! What about if you are not in New York City??? (poor baby!)… not to worry! When the Etsy Labs have a special lesson on Etsy Craft Night, they actually have a computer link that you can join and talk to the teacher and see what is going on… I saw that happen last week (they did not look at my gorgeous creation, but they did show exactly how to make what the teacher was teaching, and she answered questions that people posted on-line real-time.
Etsy is an excellent resource.


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