ENI OKEN TUTORIALS – More from my collection

My fascination with wire-wrapped jewelry started with two Eni Oken tutorials.  After I took my first wire-wrapping class (a three-hour introduction in which we learned to make a loop, a “hippie-wrap” on a non-drilled stone, and a “nest ring”, I came home and went on-line and googled “wire-wrapped jewelry” and found Eni Oken’s site.

I fell in love immediately with the wire-wrapped bangle and bought the tutorial and made three of them.  Then Eni published her “ornate ring” tutorial, and I bought that and have still not stopped making them.

I have since bought quite a few of Eni’s tutorials, and downloaded all of her free ones, I think.  I have learned something from each of Eni’s tutorials. (NOTE:  Many of Eni Oken’s tutorials have since been moved to Eni’s new, exciting site JewelryLessons )

Here is a list of the tutorials I have bought from enioken.com

Bangle Bracelet*
Woven Cuff


Coiled Toggle
Multi-Strand Clasp
Double-Hook Clasp


Mini-Mosaic Earrings


Herringbone Weave on Bead
Fat Wrap Bead
Ornamental Centerpiece
Sideways Strung Capped Bead
Bead Cap Wrap
Cluster Finding
Quarterfoil Link
Basket-Weave Bezel
Wrapped Connector Post

Mosaic Pendant
Netted Cap
Circular Orange Pendant
Circular Rose Montee
Red Holiday Necklace
Sideways Frame Wrap Pendant
Chaos Necklace
Woven Bail for Focal Pendant

Ornate Ring *
Nest Ring
Ethnic Ring
Square Ring
Rainbow Ring

* My first two Eni Oken tutorials (they are listed as “advanced”, but this beginner managed to make some very beautiful pieces from these tutorials!)


One response to “ENI OKEN TUTORIALS – More from my collection

  1. Charlie Robeerts

    I’ve looked all over for a tutorial for the herringbne weave ring with tiger eye or crystal mounting. I will appreciate any help you can give me in finding this tutorial. These are beautiful.
    Thank you.
    Charlie Roberts

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