ETSY TONIGHT! I meet Cynthia, the owner of Ornamentea, in Raleigh, NC!

Tonight, I went to the Etsy Open Craft Night again.  I’m becoming a regular, I think.  Open Craft Night is hard for me. I go in with an idea and then it doesn’t work out and I pout.

Interestingly, while I was working on a project that wasn’t working for me,  I overheard the two women next to me talking about something they could not find here in New York City.   Ever the curious one,  I listened in and heard one of them mention Czech glass, at which I blurted out “Margola!”   They looked at me quizzically, and I told them about Margola,  on W. 37th St. in Manhattan, which has (according to me)  the most  amazing assortment of Czech pressed glass, and other Czech glass/crystal products,  at highly reasonable prices.  When I discovered Margola, I began to think of ways that I could make beautiful pieces at lower prices.(Please understand that, in my regular line of jewelry, I have always only used natural stones/cystals/gems).

As it turned out,  Emily, who was looking for the  Czech glass, was a former employee of the other woman, Cynthia, who, as it turned out, is the owner of the Raleigh, NC store, Ornamentea.  I’ve seen ads in the bead magazines for Ornamentea, but I had never checked them out on-line.

Well, of course, I had to rush home and look up Ornamentea (pronounced Or-na-men-tee-ah)! While Ms Cynthia was off enjoying a French dinner tonight (she told me so), I was drooling over the luscious offerings on her site (I had already downed my pre-prepared dinner of raw massaged kale, raw marinated cauliflower, and marinated shiitake mushrooms– check out my raw food blog)

Lord, am I envious of those who can go to Cynthia’s  store… it must be a place where people regularly drop their entire paychecks!  Amazing stuff!)  What really interests me is the vast assortment of filigree elements — I’ve become interested in filigree recently, but have been unable to find much, outside of the few silver filigree elements I see at Metalliferous.  I am excited to find this resource.  Cynthia has even published a book,  Beading with Filigree: Beautiful Jewelry, Simple Techniques about jewelry using filigree.Tonight’s advice: All y’all in hollering distance of Etsy should get yourselves down to Etsy Craft Night on Monday nights, and all y’all close to Raleigh should get yourselves over to Ornamentea post haste!  (My parents live in Eastern North Carolina.  If I had to spend a week there, I would definitely pile my Mom in the car and make the 5-hour drive over to Raleigh to see Ornamentea, and then try to find something cool there for Mom, since we would have to spend the night –  were I alone,  I would make that 10-hour RT commute without blinking an eye,    based on what I have seen on-line.   Sorry, Cynthia, I am not going to fly into Raleigh just to visit your store – although I am fascinated by the concept that you have 27 employees – that must be one heck of a store!   I am ever so grateful that you have a website, from which I will order very soon!)


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