Today was a one-shop stop.  I went to Beads World, the Chinese store on Broadway between W. 37th & W. 38th Sts.  I really only wanted to get some beading wire, to finish off some commissioned beaded eyeglasses holders.  Then, I got carried away looking under those killer waist-high bead bins at the metal-coated plastic beads hidden there.  Yumm!  Actually, those beads were not so cheap as I thought they should be, but, at the same time, they were very light, and would make some nice earrings (my old ears have droopy holes, so I am restricted to studs or feather-weight dangles)

Tomorrow, I am planning to go down to the Lower East Side to check out a store I learned of  from Marla, a striking woman with a stunning necklace, at a NYC Raw Food Lecture last night.  I want to be best friends with Marla!  Standing in line with her, waiting to talk to the speaker,  I gushed over her necklace, and she actually shared with me the name and basic location of the shop where she had bought it!!!! Gosh!  Most people will only tell you the neighborhood and forget to tell you the name of the shop, leaving you to search the neighborhood (may streets and avenues) on your own!  Marla was so gracious and enthusiastic, even after she learned that I do not scour the Lower East Side!  What a jewel! I hope to see Marla and her fabulous jewelry again somewhere!

NOTE: Since this store does not have its own website, as far as I can tell, I will post the information about it after I have visited the store, and have posted a review online, so that there will be a positive review that I like, when people search Google.


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