I’ve wanted some of the tutorials at Jewelry Lessons for a while, but, since they’ve started the discount scheme, where you get points or discounts, depending on the dollar amount of tutorials you buy (a single purchase of $20 or more earns 3 points for every dollar spent, and any single purchase of $75 or more ALSO fetches an immediate 10% discount), I have been holding back.  Today, I hit $76-odd, and I got paid, and I had a balance in PayPal, so it was time to buy!  (Considering how many tutorials I have bought, it is just too bad that this new incentive program is not retroactive! Boooo!  Oh, well, at least we have it now, yes!

I was a little disappointed to see that things that I have previously bought had gone on sale, but, hey! That’s life!  Now, with my new plan of skulking around and collecting things in my shopping cart, I will hopefully hit some sales from time to time!

Here is what I got when I finally passed the $75.00 limit:

Manamana Ring
Dreamcatcher Chain Maille Bracelet
Framed Cabuchon Pendant Tutorial
Beaded Helm Chain Maille Bracelet
Robin’s Egg Bracelet
Sparkly ‘O’ Studs: Athena’s Shield, Stud Earrings
Beaded Bead Earrings
Jewel In A Little Basket Caged Bead Earrings
Wire Wrapped Bead Bangle Bracelet With Built-In Clasp
Three Square Pieces Necklace
Dodecahedron Bead
Dramatic Woven Rings

Now, please excuse me!  Yoko and I had a beading afternoon yesterday, and I must go and make some more earrings!

Just a quick note:  It seems funny to me that, up to now, all of the tutorials I have gotten used 22 gauge wire, but, suddenly, the tutorials I am looking at call for 20, 18, or even 13 gauge wire!  (I don’t have any of those in my cache! Bummer – must buy!)


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