METALLIFEROUS TODAY: learned new stuff

Every time I go to Metalliferous, it seems I pick up on something new.  Today, in the bead room, they had little boxes of interesting cabochons for cheap.  That wasn’t what I was looking for, today, but I probably should have rabbed some.

I was at Metalliferous to get some silver wire, so, of course, I had to do a tour through the copper and brass holdings.  I started to get two copper cuff bracelets to embellish, but then I remembered that I wanted to make a silver ring and maybe a silver bracelet and some earrings, so I put the bracelets back and wandered over to the brass and copper chains and tried to want some off them.  Finally, I made it back to the silver and got 2 feet of 16 gauge and 2 feet of 18 gauge.  Then I had to meander some more.

Finally I asked about the “helicopter” hole punch — I bought one a few months back and broke the small hole punch the first time I used it.  I lucked into talking to one of the bosses, the one with the great red reading glasses, ad he found me a replacement hole punch to add to my “helicopter”, so I won’t have to buy a whole new helicopter.

Meanwhile, I am ultra-annoyed.  I had this idea of taking a copper cuff bracelet blank and punching holes in it and embellishing it with chains and wire and beads. I made one a while back and have been planning to make a couple more since the first one was so popular… lo and behold… similar bracelets have shown up in Lucky, Elle, and Marie Claire… so much for original ideas…. I promise! I had the idea all by myself!


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