THE MJSA EXPO: my first experience

So I went to the MJSA Expo for the first time on Monday afternoon (I was overly excited because I had thought that I had missed it – I received the admissions packet last Thursday and misread it, and thought that it was starting that Sunday, and I knew I was booked up with no time off to go, but then I saw some mention of it again, and I realized that I could, indeed, get there on Monday! Yippee!)

I wish I could properly share with you the joy and excitement of being at this Expo.  (fortunately, I had just gotten my new business cards — which are really pretty and really ambiguous, so people ask me what I do, and I explain, and they remember me– because the vendors kept asking me for my card, and, if the remember me that will be nicer– yeah, duh! I know they saw thousands of people at the show)

I don’t know how it used to be at the Javits Center, but I am betting that this Expo at the New York Hilton was better (the Javits Center is just so big!)  My only problem was that, every time I decided that I was through with a floor, I could not find the way out.  That is not to say that I did not find it well organized.

Entering, I had no clue as to what I would encounter.  I found myself on a floor that had mostly chain and commercial/base metal components (my take, anyway – I was still starstruck!)  The next floor (there were three of them) was mostly things like diamonds and machinery.   Then……. I got to the third floor, where they had beads to buy.  The third floor was like a mini-Bead Show.  Ah!  (Knowing that the Bead Show will start on Friday, I had a budget to stick to).  I finally found exactly what I was willing to lay down my hard-won dollars for.  Interestingly, I ran into a woman I always run into at the bead shows, and we talked a bit – it was fun, and a breather from all the bead hysteria.

The fun thing, as I went around, bedecked in my own pieces, was that I did get some compliments  (I don’t usually get that at the bead shows – everyone is wearing their own stuff, and, I guess, not really looking at everyone else’s adornments—my take, anyway).

The “big item” I did come away with was a pile of catalogs.  I love catalogs.  I read them over coffee in the morning.  I read them in the bathroom.  I get inspiration  from reading catalogs (I see stuff I did not know existed, and then I get new ideas about what I could do with this or that… drool!!) and sometimes I even order from them.   The only problem was that I came away with three tote-bags (gifts from Rio Grande and another vendor) full of catalogs, and had to make my way home on the subway with about 50 lbs of books.  I was so tired and sore when I got home that I had to take a handful of ibuprofen and jump (no — ease myself into) the bed, and just lie there until sleep could overcome me.

Now, for next year, I know what to expect.  MJSA is on my calendar, in case the world does not end before 2011.


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