JEWELRYLESSONS.COM – the greatest thing to come down the pike!

You can buy books and books and more books, and I do.  Still it is hard to keep up with the cool ideas that are going on out there.

I keep on going back to Eni Oken’s Jewelry Lessons site.  I look in there at least once a week, to see what new tutorials have come up.  Eni has created the most interesting place for people who are interested in making jewelry.  It started out as an outgrowth of Eni’s interest in cold-connection wire-working, and  has grown from there.  (I am not always interested in what is going on, i.e, now there are lessons involving fire – welding, etc.—and lessons for making clay things, etc., but I am happy that the site has grown to serve more people with more interests, and it is always interesting to look and see what is available, even if I am probably never going to do any of that).

At least once a month, I see a tutorial I would like to look at.  I say it that way because I might not make the thing in the tutorial, but I might learn a new technique I can use my own way.

Since the tutorials are most often very reasonably priced, or even free, even in my reduced circumstances, I can often buy a tutorial to pick up on a new ideas.  I can store my “wants” on the site until I am able to get around to buying them, as well (gosh! I have a huge list right about now!   I just keep going back when I have some money and buying things from my want and adding new wants to the list – there are usually 3-4  new tutorials posted every week.

Check our this wonderful place (no, they don’t pay me – I just like it, and want to spread the word, so that Eni’s idea will become more and more successful, thereby offering you and me more and more reasonably-priced, exciting tutorials.


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