MARGOLIS – new developments!

I dropped by Margolis yesterday afternoon, in search of a few “interest” beads.  Whoa! Change is in the wind!  (I’ve should have guessed it — they have been advertising a lot lately, and I’ve suddenly begun seeing them at bead shows)

Margolis  has always been my go-to place for Czech glass/crystal (and other) beads, because of those massive bins they had in the middle of the room, loaded with single beads you could count out to your own needs. (you could buy anywhere between 1 bead and one gram of beads).  I loved poring over the color-categorized beads and finding new inspirations.

When I went into Margolis this time, I saw that the bins I was planning to look at were empty.  I asked Lorraine , the faithful Margolis front-line interface (person you see and deal with) for at least the past 20 years, what was up, she told me that the onesie bins were being phased out and that the new plan was to sell all of the beads by the string.  Lorraine told me that she expected the change-over to be completed by mid-June.

Boo-hoo.  I will miss being able to run in there and pore over all the bins top and bottom and sides and find something exactl perfect for a focal or earrings or a ring and get just the amount I needed.

Oh well. If I have to buy more than what I need,  I will probably find new ways to use the extras.  Must look at the positive side.

I hope this plan works well for Margolis, even if it doesn’t work for me or my buddies at the Bead Society.


2 responses to “MARGOLIS – new developments!

  1. Where did you get the silver plated vintage beads?

  2. I got them at the bead show… most of the silver plate has worn off and it shows copper color (works for me). I don’t remember off hand… it was one of the Chinese dealers… I will try to sort through and find the one.

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