WHERE I BUY JEWELRY: Kim Miraglia makes nice stuff

I’ve just received my latest purchase from Kim Miraglia.  (I don’t buy jewelry much, but I was happy with the first two things I bought from Kim, so I went ahead and bought a couple more pieces last week.)

I originally bought Kim’s chakra ring, and I went back to Kim because my chakra ring, which I adored, had broken (after 2 years of major abuse!), and I needed a replacement.  (I wore that ring and abused it for two years.  Finally, I killed it, but I felt I needed that ring, so I went back and ordered another)  I might have expected Kim to repair my ring, or make me another free of charge, but I did not… I know that I abused that ring. Most days, I even wore it in the shower.

Kim offers her jewelry at a fair enough price that, if you wear a piece day in and day out, you should be embarrassed to ask her for recompensation, is the way I see it. Her pieces are very well made of sturdy materials, but even the best made pieces will ultimately give up the ghost if you abuse them.

This time, I bought her aqua aura with amethyst ring, and it is gorgeous!

I also bought her chakra bracelet (I wasn’t sure I would really like it, but it is beautiful! Actually, now, after I wear test it, I want to get about 6 more of the same style to make a nice pile on my wrist!  the single bracelet is much smaller than the bulky pieces I wear, but it is beautiful, and very elegant, and enough, on its own.  I just need bulky jewelry, so 5 or 6 of these will look about right on me.)

I feel so beautiful just sitting here wearing these pieces. I mean it. I cannot stop looking at them.

Please check out Kim’s website for very affordable simple elegant pieces which are custom-made according to the info that you send Kim when you buy.


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