Someone asked me today how she could learn to make different styles of jewelry easily.  She is just beginning, and she wants to learn to make things she sees me wearing and other things that she has ideas for.  (lately, she has seen me wearing a lot of Kim Miraglia’s work, and, unfortunately, Kim does not make tutorials.  )

You can find lessons all over the place, for all sorts of prices, but, as far as I am concerned, the best place I know to go to for jewelry-making lessons is

When you go to the site, you first see a slide show of a few tutorials, but, if you click on the tutorials button at the top, you are presented with a marvelous garden of all sorts of pictures of things you could make, including lots of free ones.

Eni Oken, who was my first teacher, created this site to make it easy for others who teach jewelry to reach a larger market.  In doing so, Eni has provided an amazing resource to those of us who like to make jewelry, by making it easy for us to find different ideas/ways to make jewelry. (Of course, this site is an amazing resource for people who want to teach, as it provides a ready and growing possible client base at a minimal cost).

Go there.  See for yourself.


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