JEWELRYLESSONS.COM – I really can’t recommend them enough

I really can’t recommend enough!

When I was starting out, I took a wire-working lesson (they taught us how to make a loop), and I was hooked. That night, I found Eni Oken’s site online (in those days, she was selling pieces she had made and also offering very reasonably priced tutorials for those who wanted to make similar pieces)  I was hooked. I got the free tutorials, and I got the tutorial for the piece I wanted to make (and then I drove Eni crazy asking her questions – but the piece came out spectacularly! I still have that one!)

A few years later, Eni came up with the idea of opening a site where other jewelry designers could offer their tutorials…. That way, tutorial writers could benefit from a larger audience  (for example, I was absolutely certain that I only wanted Eni’s tutorials, but, thanks to the jewelrylessons site, I was introduced to other ideas which I also liked)

The best thing to recommend the is that beginners can learn a lot of skills from the well-written tutorials, while, at the same time, making something beautiful.  The more things you make, the more  you know how to do, until you start having your own ideas based on things you have already learned.  Of course, you can just make things from tutorials, nothing wrong with that!  Still, right now, I am envisioning something which takes from just about every tutorial I have used, and, yet, is still my own.  I hope to start it soon.

You cannot go wrong browsing through the tutorials at There are even free tutorials!  Surely, if you look through the tutorials, you will find something you really want to make, or something that will teach you as skill you didn’t know you wanted or needed


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