Right now I am on a search for stud earring findings. What? I mean, the things that have a straight post, go through your ear, and are secured with an “earring nut”, but have a way to attach something at the bottom.

I am looking mostly for ways to make such a thing myself, and I have found some tutorials at JewelryLessons, but I do want to look further afield as well. I remember I bought some nice diamond-shaped marcasite studs with little loops at the bottom the bottom a few years back, but I don’t rightly recall where I got them.  I am going to check out Metalliferous shortly.

Why am I looking for such a complicated thing? Well, my own ears are very old, and they were pierced by the owner at age 13 (i.e., me, when I had no clue). Not only are the holes quite low, but they are really really getting dragged down with age (I was 13 over 4o years ago).  I have a lovely pair of silver drops, with gorgeous silver beads, but I noticed the other day that, when I have them on, it looks like my head is lopsided, i.e., one earring falls lower than the other now.  I figure that big enough posts will disguise the defect (the dragged down hole) and light enough dangles will eliminate most of the drag.

Anyway, that is where my entire focus is centered (except, or course, that little corner of my mind that is working on a ring design)

I’ve looked at Fire Mountain Gems, but I didn’t see anything other than tiny studs with bottom rings. I have those.

Golly! I might have to design my own thing! Shoot. I’ll have to use my own mind and think some. Eeeuuuwww! Yuck! Think? I’d have to do that?  Oh well, I guess that’s why I was born a genius (now I’ll just have to stop being lazy and use the brain that God gave me)


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