FREE GEMSTONE JEWELRY-MAKING E-BOOK: this book is actually quite good

While I was looking for the stud earring tutorials, I took some time off and looked around Beading Daily’s website.  They actually have a lot to see, like, get for free…. FREE is a very good word for me right now (I’m broke).

While I was there, I found this Gemstone Jewelry-Making e-book. Ha!, I thought.  How good can it be if it is free.  So I downloaded it because it was free, and then I read through it quickly, because I was thinking about posting about it here, and  I figured it wouldn’t be much to sing about.  Boy was I wrong!  This is a very nice little “intro to gemstones” with some nice tutorials which have been previously published in Interweave magazines.  It is definitely worth twice the price! (is there such a thing as “2 x free”)?

If you go to Beading Daily to pick up a copy, do be sure to look around. There is so much there!  


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