Yea! I just made the coolest bracelet and it was as easy as could be. I saw a similar one on-line for $100. If you are on my gift list, please close your eyes now. Otherwise, if you are stuck for a cool gift that you can put together 1-2-3, go here for instructions.

I was worried it wouldn’t come out right, so I started with 4 ft of leather cord, which was a bit more than the instructions suggested (I’m glad I did).  I decided to use a lobster clasp (I found a big gray-colored one at the bead store for $1.00).

The 12 inches of crystal chain ran out before the length of cord I needed did, but I just tied things off and then knotted the leather cord, then added the big lobster claw clasp, and voila!

I did mine with a “turquoise” chain.  I could not find waxed linen, so I used heavy black cotton thread.

I tried the bracelet on so that I could tell the recipients how to put it on. Looks cool. Now, I hope they like it. It took about 1/2 hour to put together.  I’m going to make one (or more) for me, too.

As I was shopping for stuff, I came up with two very interesting options on W 38th St btw Broadway and 6th Ave.  The one called Joyce was on the north side of the street.  The one I got lost in, and almost did not make my way out of is directly across the street – they have a paper sign on the door — and they have an amazing stock — if you get all the way to the back, you find a very interesting selection of chain (mostly plastic), but you can start getting ideas of fancy things to make really fast if you stand there for more than 10 seconds.  (This place has all sorts of trim and hat forms.  You can go in there and get all kinds of ideas for fiber art, or even for alternative jewelry designs.  Aaaah!  Their chain prices were much more reasonable than Beads World, the Chinese jewelry hobby store around the corner.


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