The Whole Bead Show comes to NYC this weekend! It starts on Friday, 4/23.  Luckily, I get paid the day before!  Fortunately for my pocketbook, I can only go on Friday, but, fortunately, the show will be open when I get off work in the early afternoon. (it’s going to be a tight day on Friday, what with the Hunger Games starting, and the New Life Expo starting also — I know people think we here in New York lead very busy lives, but, actually, these are the only 3 events I have had planned at all this year — how come things can’t come spread out nice-like, so I can have something to do 3 different weekends.  Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers, and when it rains, it pours.  Why, you might wonder, am I trying to cram it all into a Friday afternoon?  Easy— I work every day, and all day on the weekend, so Friday afternoon is my weekend)  

I wish I could remember for you the specific displays I want to visit, but…  well, there’s a store out of Martha’s Vineyard that sells a lot of interesting silver and other stuff.  There’s another store that sells plated brass beads for cheap.  There’s a fellow who wears a lot of jewelry and sells very nice stones at reasonable prices, usually with a story to tell.  The name I do remember is Star’s Clasps. I always have to check them out.  

At any rate, I know who the vendors are, and I will find them first, and, then, if I still have some money left over, I will browse the Chinese and Indian vendors.  

I’ll tell you who I bought from and what I got in my next post.

I am so excited that this show is coming to town! (and the good thing is it is only about 6 blocks from the movie theater where the Hunger Games will be, so I might be able to do the show and run out and matinee — the time doesn’t really matter because *I have a free ticket*)

PS – this show is a big deal for me, because it is the only one I ever get to attend (I am usually on vacation when the other ones come)


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