MAGNESITE: Who knew?

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You know? I’ve been looking down on magnesite.  I could easily see when the Chinese vendors in town were trying to pass it off as turquoise (at first, I didn’t know what stone it was, but I sure as shootin’ knew it wasn’t turquoise, and knew it was a dyed something).  Recently, one of the on-line vendors (I think it might have been Fire Mountain Gems) actually came out, identifying their dyed blue “turquoise-ish” stones as magnesite.  Oh, la la!  I finally had a name to place on that stuff, and a name that I could look up for metaphysical properties (not only that, but I learned that those oddments such as “lime turquoise” and, probably “purple turquoise”, are dyed magnesite).  Okay, having a stone to look up and find the properties for, I raced to the Internet, and, while waiting for connections, dug through all of my stone books.  Where once I turned up my nose at that fakey turquoise-y stuff, I have found new usage.  Magnesite is some powerful stuff (well, aren’t all stones, in the end? Even if they aren’t the be all and end all for me, I can always with a few metaphysical flourishes, empower them to be what I need, right?)


One response to “MAGNESITE: Who knew?

  1. BTW, if you’re not sure what magnesite is, it is the stone that, in white, sort of looks like brains, and, when dyed turquoise, sort of looks like turquoise brains. Another way to guess at it is that, usually, if you work with beads, you see turquoise in smooth shapes, while magnesite is quite often in these lumpy brain-like shapes.

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