Shades of WIRE JEWELRY ARTIST: you can now get this old info on-line

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This is almost spooky – good!!!  Before I started wireworking, there used to be a magazine called Wire Artist Jeweller, out of Canada.  Apparently because illness, they abruptly ceased publishing at the same time that I wanted to subscribe.  A resource that I perceived as imminently valuable ceased to be. No way to get all that information.  Today, I’ve been re-reading an old magazine from 2006, and I see that, at the time, I overlooked the valuable notice that Wire Artist Jeweler had been revived, to some extent.  No, there is, apparently, no magazine, but… you can get very affordable tutorials, on-line, for a number of the articles which were in the magazines.

So what’s spooky?  I’ve seen a number of these tutorials, albeit re-made, on  I’ve actually bought quite a few of them.  Not only that— I asked one person who had sold me quite a few pieces if she would publish a tutorial or two on JL, but she refused – tonight, I found the tutorial! (I’ll still go to that girl because, even though she was so secretive about her technique, she does make nice pieces and guarantee them, for much less than I could probably make them.)  I just won’t tell you who she is here – payback!  Find her on ebay – if you look at the tutorials on Wire Jewelry Artist, you will recognize her.)

On second look at the site, you can still get copies of some of the Wire Jewelry Artist issues, each of which includes three to four tutorials.  The trick is to figure out how to order them (I’m stil working on it. Maybe you have to write to the website for instructions. It doesn’t “click-on” for me)  It would be cool to get an old copy, not only because of the several tutorials inside, but, also, because you would be owning an authentic piece of North American beading history..

Do go visit this site. Especially if you are interested in chainmaille and/or controlled, jeweler kind of wire-wrapping with lots of measurements and precision and ways to hold cabochons.

I am so so happy to have found this resource.


2 responses to “Shades of WIRE JEWELRY ARTIST: you can now get this old info on-line

  1. THANK you for this post & the link to the now-defunct magazine (which is sad). I’m a JL member & looking through the tutorials at Wire Artist Jeweller, yes, I recognise many of the tutorials too. But I’m not sure if I recognise any one specific Teacher at JL with very similar tutorials. Maybe more than one Teacher at JL have tutorials taken from the original mag?

    I found your blog by searching for info on jewelry wax for wire wrapped projects & happened on this post of yours first. I’ll have to take a look through the rest of your blog a bit later.

  2. I’m not going to out any of the JL artists whose tutorials look suspiciously like Jewelry Artist tutorials (like… no! I won’t do it!) but there are “big names” as well as occasional tutorial posters). I’m just saying…. When you get into a particular field and start reading everything you can get your hands on, you start seeing that people take things and rewrite them in their own words and then it is not what the other person did anymore, i.e., no copyright violation, and they might even be reaching a different audience. I’m sure that the people who have done this did it honestly: 1)perhaps they thought that Jewelry Artist was very obscure and wanted to bring the techniques to a larger audience by re-doing the tutorials in their own words and their own pictures; 2) they may have found the original tutorials lacking in tutorial info and wanted to make a better tutorial; or 3)they may have believed that Wire Artist tutorials were no longer available — that was the case until relatively recently– and wanted to bring the information to those of us who were unlucky enough to miss the magazine and its bounty.
    These are my “innocent” excuses for them. Regardless, I have enjoyed the tutorials I have bought from JL, and am glad that some of the tutorials from Wire Artist have been made available to us now.

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