INNOVATIVE BEAD SHOW -NYC, 5/4 -5/6– Well, it is a bead show

Post #94
Okay, bead shows are few and far between in New York City (wouldn’t you think, being the Crossroads of the World, we should have more bead shows? I mean…???  )  So we’re hungry for bead shows, whatever they involve.  This is one of those.  I think this is the first time the Innovative Bead Show has come to town (I certainly haven’t heard of it before. I picked up on it through a “meetup” group that I can never attend).  I corraled a pal at work to go down there with me. I figured, “hey! $5 for a couple of hours of walking around looking at whatever there is” would be good entertainment on a Friday afternoon.

This bead show was smaller than the usual local bead society show.  I did see an “old favorite” — Kabela, a vendor who comes to the bead society shows and has really cool, nice, sturdy filigree items — things you don’t normally see, which are quite sturdy, not like the flimsy filigree you see in the Chinese stores here.  They design their pieces, which are brass based, and are also available in copper-plated, silver-plated, and, recently, gold-plated.  These designs are quite nice.  I could easily trade a couple of pay-checks on their pieces.

I also saw Ancient Moon, some Chinese folks who come out with glass beads and neckwires to attach them to (we can find such things for not much more in any number of stores in Manhattan, but I like Ancient Moon because they sell “kits” with materials and instructions on how to make pretty things that lots of people like, and, also, because they are a lot friendlier than most other Chinese vendors)

I didn’t recognize any of the other vendors, and the only one I might have like to buy from in the future does not have an on-line presence, and I do not go where the subway does not take me, except when I am going down South to see my family (yippee! Reunion on the Rappahannock River in Virginia of cousins on my father’s side is the end of this month! The nasty 9-hour bus-ride will be totally worth it, and then I will get to spend a few days with my folks before I have to head back North to Yankee territory)

Still, if you are bead starved, you will find something to love at this show.


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