POST #96
POST I recently devoted/spent/wasted about three days watching youtube  video tutorials (I so do not like video tutorials — they leave out the deaf, as well as people who do not speak the language, but might be able to make out written instructions, such as those at and other sites).  Furthermore, when you are watching a tutorial video, you cannot do anything else, while, if you are reading a tutorial, you can be distracted by the kitty, the TV, a phone call, or whatever, and still get back to the point right where you left it, and you can review the steps you don’t clearly understand quite easily.  Nevertheless, I have developed several comic routines, for use in my classes (all kinds of classes), based on moves I have seen repeatedly in jewelry-making videos.

Okay, to the point:  In my youtube video marathon, I found a number of interesting bracelet tutorials which I thought I would share here, just in case you need some new bracelets, or some new ideas.

HOW TO MAKE A SHAMBALLA BRACELET  –in Portuguese (but mostly wordless)  This includes how to finish the adjustable bracelet

SWITCHBACK  paracord  Cool, and easy to make

AFTERBURN BRACELET  by Continental. Adjustable chain and leather bracelet – brilliant, and totally cool.


POP-TOP BRACELET- several videos – watch them all to get a full idea. These are so cool. Every time I wear one, people focus on it more than on my really fancy silver jewelry pieces.  Could be the color or the fiber – I don’t know. I just know that everyone on my gift list wants one. (I don’t put them on my sell list because they tend to come out a bit expensive with the materials and work)


CHAN LIU  variations specific info pts 1 & 2
another rhinestone bracelet


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