MEMORY WIRE HAS A LIFE: it will die eventually

POST #98

I was sad sad sad last night when, as I took off my lovely, much complimented six-loop silver bead memory wire bracelet, it snapped, spilling the collection of silver beads all over, hither and yon, and places unknown. (the worst part was that I was on my way to bed, to sleep, and I had to pause and scoop up as many beads as I could find, no matter how drowsy I was).

So, now I know, and I want you to know, that a memory wire bracelet worn every day will only last 3-4 years (I always took off my bracelet before bathing/showering, and I never slept in it, but it died anyway).

I’ve moved onto the three-loop memory wire bracelet that I made at the same time.  It’s beautiful enough, but not as eye-catching as the 6-loop one.  I haven’t worn this one as much, so, hopefully, it has a couple more years left.


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