POST #106
A Spanish woman in my ESL class was wearing a fabulous pendant, and I told her I loved it.  She told me she had made it from a Nespresso pod and, as I could see, some @14 gauge aluminum wire.  I didn’t know what a Nespresso pod was, but I looked it up on Amazon. (It is sort of like that American machine where you buy the machine and then you are locked into the machine’s offering of “coffee pods”).  Anyway, you can actually buy the Nespresso machine on Amazon (if you want designer espresso), and then you can use the pods to make cool pendants — you smash the pods flat and then use aluminum wire to connect them to a chain or necklace.  I’ve never seen such a jewelry piece, and I suggested she go to and start selling her work. Then, unfortunately, she decided she knew too much English, and transferred from my class, so I cannot ask her more questions about her work or where I can find it on the Internet (I don’t have enough money to buy a Nespresso machine or the pods, but I would really like to have one of her pendants.  Apparently, she does not have a website.
Here are some sites that show Nespresso jewelry, although not like what this girl showed me.

I’ve googled and found some nespresson jewelry sites

I finally went to and found that nespresso cup jewelry seems to be all the rage in parts of Europe (I’ve seen blogs from Spain and Germany).  I still haven’t seen anything like what that Spanish woman was wearing.   I want, I want!



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