I suddenly want an Easy Knotter Bead And Pearl Knotting Tool.  (I saw one demo’d at a bead show in NYC a while back).
I went on-line to see if I could find one on Amazon. Yes, but from an outside vendor, not from Amazon. I’m being picky right about now because I want this thing NOW and  because of holiday shipping and mailing issues, and I have 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime (such a blessing!).
Without a delivery date guarantee from a place charging more than the actual vendor, I went searching in NYC. At first, I couldn’t find anywhere, so I called Metalliferous, where Nicolai graciously ordered one for me which, hopefully, I’ll be able to pick up on Thursday for $19.00. (While I was waiting for Nicolai to do his magic, I did find a couple of places in Manhattan which say they have them, at various prices (from $16.00 to $21.00)

I am going to remain loyal to Metalliferous (heck! Nicolai went through some paces to get me this baby) simply because, when I shop at Metalliferous, I can expect, and receive, very reasonable prices on any and every thing that I want to buy. They are a valuable resource here in New York City, and I want to support them. When I ask them about a particular product, they tell me the truth, or else, rarely, they tell me that they don’t know — this is a very refreshing difference between Metalliferous and most of the Chinese bead shops, where they will invent something if they don’t know the answer, and they generally charge more for silver and stones.
I prefer to keep my custom with a known and valued vendor, even for odd items like this tool that I want.
I realize that, in all likelihood, I will have to go to one of the Chinese shops to get the cord I want, nevertheless, I prefer to keep my custom with Metalliferous whenever I can.



  1. I was taught to knot cord using a simple stir straw made for coffee. Just cut it the length you want, slide it onto the cord, tie your knot around a thick needle, and then slide the needle down to the edge of the straw. Then slide the straw off, add your bead, tie another knot, add the straw and repeat. Works like a charm.

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