EASY KNOTTER UPDATE: I’m in a quandary now

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As I mentioned in my last post on the Easy Knotter, I had called Metalliferous, and they had said Nicolai had said he would order it for me and call me on Thursday or Friday.

Well….. Thursday came and went, and Friday came and went, and then I figured they had forgotten about me or couldn’t get the tool in, so I went over to Broadway and walked up and down until I found an Easy Knotter at Toho Shoji (I’ll be perfectly frank with you: I don’t like Toho Shoji much. I think they are over-priced, and it is rare to find a person who knows how to talk about the merchandise in English. NOTE! If you are Japanese or speak Japanese, and like beads, you can probably get a job there, no real English necessary!)

Anyway, I had decided that I wanted this tool by week’s-end, so I bought the one they had a Toho Shoji (and I also bought some “cotton beads” – something I had never seen before – they are shiny, and weigh nothing! I’m thinking dangles for my poor o-o-old earholes, that won’t drag them down)

So, today, I get a call from Nicolai, telling me that he has the product now.  Oops!  How do I gracefully finesse my way out of this.  I guess I have to go up there and look him square in the face and tell him what has happened. EEEEUUUUWWW!  A) I am too shy, but I still think I am right.  B) I am embarrassed, but I still think I am right. C) I am too shy and embarrassed.

Still, I can’t pretend nothing has happened.  Oh, boy! One of those “shyness exercises” coming up.


2 responses to “EASY KNOTTER UPDATE: I’m in a quandary now

  1. Gina Struebel

    Hi, Why don’t you order the easy knotter from the woman that invented it? http://designsbyreenie.com/   I did several months ago and got it within a few days..  

    From me:
    I would have ordered directly from the person who invented it, but shipping would have added extra cost when I should not have been spending anything on me — and I was in a hurry to get it because I wanted to make a gift before I got on the 10 hour train south to Virginia for Christmas.

    Interestingly, since my wild whirlwind tour through all of the Chinese bead stores in the “bead district”, I have seen the Easy Knotter in quite a few stores, where only one store had it before Christmas. (Could I have caused this? Who knows?)

  2. As a shop co-owner myself, I can tell you that this happens to us as well. Customers are not shy about telling us where they were able to get items quicker and cheaper. It’s part of doing business. Sometimes the shop owner is not to blame if pieces and parts don’t come in quickly enough. So gin up your courage and face up to your store owner. It’ll make him more responsive in the future, and all shop owners like constructive feedback, negative or positive. It just makes us better.

    Better yet, buy the second one from your local guy and gift it to some deserving friend!

    Gahanna Bead Studio

    FROM ME:
    Thank you, Helen, for giving me some good advice. We customers don’t necessarily know that anyone really cares.

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