ANOTHER SHOW – MJSA EXPO 3/10-12 New York Hilton

POST #122
March 10-12 2013
(Trade only – all attendees must present a photo and business ID (Busines ID examples include business cards, paycheck stubs, business licenses, resale licenses, or invoices that indicate you buy or sell jewelry products, related crafts or supplies)

Now, that caveat looks a bit scary unless you think a bit.  If you are making jewelry for sale (or even give-away), you may well have a business card, and, very likely, you have invoices from places you have bought from on-line. Voila! Now, all you need is a photo ID.

The MJSA appeals to all sorts of professional jewelry makers.  This place is not at all as friendly as the Whole Bead Show, but it is interesting to see all the things they show. Keep going until you get to the area with the bead sellers. They are there – it just takes time to find them. The section is not as large as the Whole Bead Show, but there are sellers you don’t see anywhere else.


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